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I 25 paesi meno visitati al mondo

A me piace molto viaggiare, anche se poi mi innamoro dei posti e finisco per voler tornare sempre negli stessi. Se invece fossi completista anche in questo come sono in diversi altri aspetti della mia vita, probabilmente adorerei il post  The 25 Least Visited Countries in the World di

10. Afghanistan: 17,500 tourists (2012, New York Times)

Why so few?
There's a war. Taliban is in it.

Why you may still want to visit
The mountains of Afghanistan are wild and beautiful. They are also hiding places for bandits and terrorists, so you may want to wait until it becomes a little more peaceful.

What else
You'll have a unique chance to try on a traditional blue burqa. I did for two minutes. Poor women! Do also remember to get your visa to the country you will return to in advance. Getting it inside Afghanistan may not be the easiest of tasks. Saying that you are in the country as a tourist will make you appear a liar, so do have a cover story  or be prepared to be declared less than smart.

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