lunedì, 03/12/2012

Il videoclip dell’anno (in cui i credits sono più lunghi del video stesso)

Gli Unstoppable Death Machines li ho intravisti una volta dal vivo, ma non ricordo molto, a parte che erano molto casinisti e molto divertenti. Grazie a Giavasan li ritrovo ora su Spin con il piccolo anthem Do the Devo, che oltre a essere una bella tirata garage-punk un po' in stile Death from above 1979 ha un video MERAVIGLIOSO e francamente incredibile. E con una gran bella storia:

"Nick filmed UDM performing the track in the main gallery space of Clocktower Gallery. He then made a cut and we printed out every frame. For Nick's residency at the Clocktower, we made a giant light box table and invited friends to trace over the video frames as a reference, and draw in any style and medium. We did that for a few weeks — hand drawing every frame, including backgrounds. Probably over 100 friends contributed. With Nick, we then photographed every frame with the help of Tod Seelie, so we could take the stills and animate the video. The result is the most beautifully chaotic animated music video possibly ever created. I had such a good time hanging out, drawing, and working with so many inspiring people. I was actually surprised as to how much it all gelled. So many different styles and ideas came together almost seamlessly." [#]


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