giovedì, 10/05/2012

The hipster hunt

Quello firmato da Julie Percha è un video un po' entry-level, ma ci sono alcune buone intuizioni e almeno un paio di cose che non sapevo. Perfetto da usare con quel vostro amico che vive sulla luna e se ne esce fuori dal nulla chiedendovi «Cosa vuol dire hipster?».


We all know hipsters. Every New York City neighborhood has its share of them, and a quick Google search brings up dozens of hipster blogs, hipster YouTube videos and hipster hangouts. Hipsters are the ones everyone loves to hate.

Everyone? When Lorena arrived to New York City from France last August, she'd never heard of hipsters. And when she asked, she got vague, often contradictory responses: Hipsterism is a lifestyle. No, it's an attitude. No, it's a pseudo-attitude. Hipsters are penniless creative types. No, they’re just rich kids pretending to be. Hipsters are environmentally conscious. No, they pose as tree-huggers but shop at Wal-Mart.

She was confused.

This video attempts to de-code the hipster for the clueless foreigner, like Lorena. In this piece, she invites viewers along for the journey as she hunts for the meaning of the term "hipster." This quirky piece takes viewers around the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where they are guided by an "accidental hipster" blogger. It also incorporates the voices of the Journalism School's own Prof. David Hajdu, as he delves into the term’s jazzy origins. [#]

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