giovedì, 12/04/2012

Suit up!

Sull'edizione americana di GQ, all'interno della fondamentale (ma anche no) GQ Guide to suits, Nick Cave parla del primo completo che ha mai comprato, ai tempi in cui la sua musica e la sua vita erano un tantino più interessanti di quelle odierne.


"The first suit I ever bought was from a secondhand place in New York when I was on tour there in the early '80s. It was three pieces, lime green with an orange check. I have no idea what it was made of, only that it melted when you would nod off and the cigarette would fall on your trousers. And I was actually imprisoned in it. I was busted buying drugs on the Lower East Side, and I was thrown in a holding pen in this ridiculous lime green suit. And I was thinking, Jesus, I wish it wasn't lime green. And of course, the one other white guy in the cell runs up and goes, 'Fuck, it's Nick Cave!' And what's more, we had a gig that night. We were staying at the Iroquois hotel, and when the sergeant said, 'Nick Cave, c'mon, make your phone call,' I asked him to call the Iroquois. And he says, 'Can you spell that?' And I'm like 'I… R…' 'Nope! Next!' So I was there for three days, and I missed the shows, sitting there in my lime green suit." [#]


MP3  Little Red – Do you love me? (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds cover)

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