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La crisi del debito spiegata coi lego (dalla JP Morgan)

Come riporta la Reuters, un ricercatore della banca JP Morgan ha creato questo schema coi lego per spiegare la crisi del debito europeo. Davvero senza parole.  

(grazie a Francesco)



This chart comes from a Michael Cembalest’s research note today. The key is in there too. I’m not making this up:

  1. The toreador in a floppy hat, and the F1 driver with his helmet, represent Spain, Italy and the rest of the Euro Periphery.
  2. The three men with helmets, shields, and medieval weaponry represent the CDU, CSU and FDP parties in Germany.
  3. The blue-and-white sailor boy is Finland. Obvs.
  4. The woman with an oversized carrot and her friend in overalls with a shovel represent the Social Democrats and Greens.
  5. Wotan represents the Bundesbank.
  6. The piggy bank is the IMF.
  7. The grey-haired Banque chap is the ECB.
  8. The chap in the red bib is Poland.
  9. The artists are France.
  10. The angry chef, the sweeper with a broom, the airline pilot, and the rest of the motley crew at bottom left, represent EU taxpayers in Core countries.
  11. The storm troopers are the EU Commission and Euro Group Finance Ministers, chaired by Jose Manuel Barroso and Jean- Claude Juncker.
  12. The monocled banker and his assistant are EU bondholders and shareholders. [#]

2 Commenti a “La crisi del debito spiegata coi lego (dalla JP Morgan)”:

  1. Lorrine scrive:

    Deeǥan was arreѕted ɑnd ϲҺɑгǥeⅾ ᴡith human tгɑffіϲҝing and ⅾгuց
    ⲣoѕѕᥱѕѕіοn afteг cοрs bսstеԀ іn and fоսnd tҺе
    ցігlѕ ƅеіng ɦеlԁ һоstaǥᥱ.
    Мany ⲣeορlе aге mакіng ɑ ⅼօt of mߋneʏ ρгоmoting ᏟРА ߋffᥱrs, bսt aѕ սѕսal, tҺerᥱ іs ɑ lοt
    օf mіsіnfօгmɑtіօn flоаtіng ɑгοսnd.

    Ⲩοᥙ ѡοսlԀ рօѕsіƄⅼʏ
    mɑке аn ѕum οf caѕɦ ѕіmilɑг tο а cοnseԛuеncе
    of thе Rеgіⲟnaⅼ gгοuρ.

    Hегᥱ іs my wеƄрɑցе – ᗷߋсɑ Raton entгу lеνel СΡА jоƅs, Lorrine,

  2. and scrive:

    rimpiango ancora il fatto di essere nato molto prima che ideassero i lego star wars.


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