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All the single digits

Che Spencer Tweedy, il figlio quindicenne di Jeff Tweedy dei Wilco, abbia dei geni buoni lo sapevamo già da quando 2 anni fa suonò la batteria nella band del padre al Madison Square Garden, e lo sa anche chiunque legga il suo blog. Ce ne fossero in giro, di ragazzini già così in gamba.

A me, ad esempio, ha divertito un sacco la storia di Single digits


A few weeks ago, my alge­bra class was assigned a project called “Math­e­matic Karaoke,” for which were told to pick a song, make it about num­bers (and stuff), and record our­selves singing it. The class imme­di­ately burst into excla­ma­tion: “I’m gonna do Eminem!” chirped one, “I’m gonna do Soulja Boy,” another. So it only seemed to appro­pri­ate to fol­low along the pop-stream cri­te­ria, with Ms. Bey­oncé Knowles. Of course, Sin­gle Ladies was my tune of choice.

My mom actu­ally gave me the ini­tially idea of Sin­gle Dig­its – after that, it was cake. Once I started record­ing, auto-tune worked its way in, and the rest was his­tory. Enjoy.



All the sin­gle dig­its
All the sin­gle dig­its
Now put your hands up

Five on your left and
Five on your right and
Ten on your lit­tle bitty toes
Add ‘em all together and
Whad­dya know, you got
Twenty dig­its right on the nose

Up in your grill
Ready to thrill
These num­bers gonna be your best friend
Plug them in
Now you really graphing

Cause if you like it then you shoulda put a line on it
If you like it then you shoulda put a line on it
You can’t have a sys­tem if there is no line on it
Cause if you like it then you shoulda put a line on it

Whoa-oa-oa [#]


MP3  Spencer Tweedy – Single digits (Beyonce cover)



[peraltro, a suo tempo di Single Ladies ne fece una specie di versione spoken anche il padre]

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