giovedì, 27/08/2009

Non mi divertivo così tanto dai tempi di Eliza

Una volta c’era Eliza.

Ora i tempi sono cambiati, e ci dobbiamo accontentare di Anna, la commessa virtuale dell’IKEA scoperta grazie alla segnalazione di Personalità Confusa su FriendFeed. Eccellente per le serate solitarie, gli esperimenti di Intelligenza Artificiale e i consigli su come arredare il salotto.



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  1. utente anonimo ha detto:

    Omegle vs. IKEA

    Stranger: ello

    You: Hello. Can I help you?

    Stranger: send me your favorite music

    You: Sorry, we do not sell music. You can see all the products we currently sell at our UK stores on this web page I am opening for you now.

    Stranger: sure

    You: I’m glad to have helped.

    Stranger: you didnt help me at all

    Stranger: dude

    You: I assume you need some help with IKEA. What exactly is it that I can help you with?

    You: I’m afraid I don’t know exactly what you’re talking about. Please try and ask your question in a different way.

    Stranger: yeah im missing the IKEA screw 1b in section 5

    You: Do you want to pick up the missing part from your local IKEA store or do you want us to send it to you (it will take about 10 days)?

    Stranger: fucking both

    You: I’m afraid I’m not willing to discuss the subject of my or noone else’s sexuality in any way. But, do you want to pick up the part from your store or do you want us to send it to you?

    Stranger: i want it all

    Stranger: i brought you money

    Stranger: now is your turn to pay

    You: In order for me to send you the missing part, please let me know the part number of the fittings you require. You will find it on the assembly instructions.

    Stranger: i am not going to do any work for something you messed up

    Stranger: find it out yourself

    Stranger: and if you can’t

    Stranger: you could send all the parts again

    You: Please visit our web site and click on Jobs at IKEA to find out more, if you are out-going, dedicated, customer-service oriented

    Stranger: do you like cp? or do you want to help me?

    You: That’s my job. I’m here to help you with all things IKEA. What would you like to know?

    Stranger: i would like to know if you have some brains left

    You: Do you think that makes you unique? Please ask me something about IKEA instead.

    Stranger: how much stores do you have

    You: As of December 2007 there is a grand total of 269 IKEA stores in 36 locations. The IKEA Group itself owns 238 stores in 24 countries, the other 31 stores are owned and run by franchisees outside the IKEA Group in 15 locations.

    Stranger: ok

    You: Very well.

    Stranger: whats well

    You: All of IKEA’s products are made to the highest standards, including myself.

    Stranger: where does the sticker on your shirt say ‘highest standards”

    You: I can only say things related to IKEA. What would you like to know?

    Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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  2. NicoleDiver ha detto:

    Io sono in attesa del calendario dei concerti autunn-invernali così almeno saprò tutti i bei concerti che mi perderò anche quest’anno.

  3. malraed ha detto:

    temo sia più adeguata per i comodini che per l’IA, però…