giovedì, 05/06/2008

Lost, I atto

Da McSweeney’s, vista su Giavasan:
(se non siete almeno alla quarta serie di Lost non leggete oltre)





JACK: OK, everyone, gather round. I’m Jack. We crashed on this island. I’m kind of an alcoholic, and I had a really complicated relationship with my father, Christian, who was also an alcoholic.


CLAIRE: Christian Shepherd? That’s my dad, too!


JACK: No way!


SAWYER: Oh, yeah, I know that guy, too. I met him at a bar. He’s proud of you.


JACK: You met my dad?


SAWYER: Yeah, I met him right before I killed this guy I thought had ruined my life as a child. He was a con man who went by "Sawyer" and had an affair with my mother and then my dad found out and killed her and himself. It was ugly.


LOCKE: No way! That sounds just like my dad! He stole my kidney and then paralyzed me.


KATE: Paralyzed people can’t walk.


LOCKE: Don’t tell me what I can’t do! I can walk now, obviously. I think this island is magic or something crazy like that.


KATE: Know what else is crazy? I killed my stepdad, who was actually my dad, by blowing up the house he was in. Then I went on the run for a long time. That marshall guy that’s dying there was taking me to the U.S. to put me in jail.


(The "monster noise" is heard in the jungle.)


CHARLIE: What was that, mates?


HURLEY: I think it was a monster made of smoke that’s floating around for some reason.




3 Commenti a “Lost, I atto”:

  1. utente anonimo ha detto:

    Però io non riesco a non dire che Lost è una serie e la quarta è una stagione! OK, sono un nerd. Mo’ esco a bere vodka.


  2. utente anonimo ha detto:

    Sono giunto alla conclusione che lost fa schifo, ma siccome lo guardano tutti lo guardo pure io.

  3. kekkoz ha detto:

    la parte che mi ha fatto più scompisciare è:

    “MICHAEL: OK. (Shoots off into the distance.) I just killed Libby and Ana Lucia. Trust me, they’re on the other side of the island. Tail section.”