mercoledì, 20/09/2006

M-bloggo ergo sum

Cos’è davvero un m-blog? Cosa spinge un utente a tenerne uno?
Lunga e interessante riflessione parasociologica del sempre straordinario Marathonpacks.

Blogs aren’t close to being responsible for any sort of sea change in the music industry—they’re much too small to take credit for that—but it’s important to note that they are reflective of the current, confusing, up-in-the-air state of affairs. They’re indicative of a new agency possessed by music fans, and the desire of many to (symbolically) make their presence known to (theoretically) whomever would like to read and listen. So, I suppose I’d urge those of you with a propensity toward browsing music blogs to take a step back, put on your ethnographic glasses for a moment and look at them for what they are: expressions of the personal tastes of a slim demographic group of mostly dudes, merged with the unique (and definitely problematic) materialism of the Web, that give interesting insight into not only the prevailing (and short-lived) indie-rock zeitgeist, but also into what can go into comprising an online “identity.”

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